Rapid Weaver Authenticated SMTP

You can download the needed files with this link.

1. Add the file to the folder 'files' in your wwwroot and unzip the file in file manager. You can also make additions in the code through file manager. You can also choose to use a texteditor like Notepad or Notepad++. This is possible through Filezilla.

2. Add 4 lines at beginning of the script. The mail function needs to be adjusted to our function. Also you need to adjust the mail address to the global variable $user. This can be created in the mailerMHP file.

Rapid weaver SMTP authentication 1

To use the mail in the contact forms you need to adjust the script of Rapidweaver.
Next to this a file is added what will communicate directly to the SMTP server to send mails. We called this function: sendMail. This needs to be appealed in mailer.php and you can do this as follows:
Om van de mail gebruik te kunnen maken in de contact formulieren zijn een aantal aanpassingen nodig in het script van Rapidweaver.

Rapid weaver SMTP authentication 2

require 'mailerMHP.php';



global $user;

These are the four lines that needs to be added. You can also find an example of the mailer.php in the zip file.

You also need to add your email address and your password to the mailerMHP.php file. The lines look like this:

/*/You can enter your data here/*/
/*//*/$user='Your email address'; /*//*/
/*//*/$pass='Your password';/*//*/
/*/don't change anything from here/*/

You have to enter the data without any spaces and within the ' '; quotes and semicolon.
When these are erased it won't work.

When this is done the function sendMail will be used instead of the standard mail function. The forms and other additions will also work.
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